Lab's article highlighted on Advanced Science News website
August 13, 2019
The article " Assessing the acute effects of prenatal synthetic cannabinoid exposure on murine fetal brain vasculature using optical coherence tomography” has been highlighted on news website,...
Best Dissertation Award
April 22, 2019
Lab member Chih Hao Liu not only succesfully defended his thesis but also recived the Best Dissertation Award for PhD graduating in Spring 2019. Chih-Hao published 22 refereed papers over the...
São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Modern Topics in Biophotonic
December 14, 2018
Congratulations to our lab members Raksha Raghunathan and Yogeshwari Ambekar for being awarded a “full travel grant” to attend the São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Modern Topics in...
Congrats C. Wu for his latest publication
November 27, 2018
C. Wu, S. R. Aglyamov, Z. Han, M. Singh, C.-H. Liu, and K. V. Larin, "Assessing the biomechanical properties of the porcine crystalline lens as a function of intraocular pressure with optical...
Top Downloads in Biomedical Optics Express
November 26, 2018
Modified wavelength scanning interferometry for simultaneous tomography and topography of the cornea with Fourier domain optical coherence tomography Susobhan Das, Chih-Hao Liu, Manmohan Singh,...
Dr. Singh
June 12, 2018
Congratulations to our new Doctor: Dr. Manmohan Singh!!!
Cover for JBP
May 24, 2018
R. Raghunathan, C. Wu, M. Singh, C. H. Liu, R. C. Miranda, and K. V. Larin, "Evaluating the effects of maternal alcohol consumption on murine fetal brain vasculature using optical coherence...
Megan Goh is selected for Fulbright Scholarship for 2018-2019
April 18, 2018
She will do research in Dr. Razansky's lab (Munich, Germany) on optoacoustic imaging of embryonic development.
Manmohan Singh has defended and has awarded 1st place in Best Dissertation Award
April 18, 2018
News release: Biomechanical Mapping Method Aids Development of Therapies for Damaged Heart Tissue
January 28, 2018  
Megan Goh was selected as the College Outstanding Senior!
January 15, 2018
Congratulations to Megan!
Chen's paper is among top-downloaded papers in Biomedical Optics Express
November 11, 2017
Comparison and combination of rotational imaging optical coherence tomography and selective plane illumination microscopy for embryonic study Chen Wu, Henry Le, Shihao Ran, Manmohan Singh,...
Megan Goh won Audience Favorite Poster Award!
October 13, 2017
Megain is one of the winners of the Audience's Favorite Poster Competition during UH Undergraduate Research Day.  Congrats to our Megan!
Dr. Salavat Aglyamov joint the lab as a Research Assistant Professor
June 23, 2017
We are very excited to have Dr. Salavat Aglyamov joinign the lab as a research faculty. He is bringing extensive expertise in the areas of tissue biomechanics, elasticity imaging, applied...
Chen Wu has been warded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
May 13, 2017