BOL issued a patent for OCE imaging of ocular tissues

The lab has been issued a patent for its research in ocular pulse-based OCE for corneal biomechanical characterization
August 9, 2022

Optical coherence elastography to assess biomechanics and detect progression of ocular and other tissues degenerative diseases

Patent abstract: An excitation force (internal or external) and phase-sensitive optical coherence elastography (OCE) system, used in conjunction with a data analyzing algorithm, is capable of measuring and quantifying biomechanical parameters of tissues in situ and in vivo. The method was approbated and demonstrated on an example of the system that combines a pulsed ultrasound system capable of producing an acoustic radiation force on the crystalline lens surface and a phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for measuring the lens displacement caused by the acoustic radiation force. The method allows noninvasive and nondestructive quantification of tissue mechanical properties. The noninvasive measurement method also utilizes phase-stabilized swept source optical coherence elastography (PhS-SSOCE) to distinguish between tissue stiffness, such as that attributable to disease, and effects on measured stiffness that result from external factors, such as pressure applied to the tissue. Preferably, the method is used to detect tissue stiffness and to evaluate the presence of its stiffness even if it is affected by other factors such as intraocular pressure (TOP) in the case of cornea, sclera, or the lens. This noninvasive method can evaluate the biomechanical properties of the tissues in vivo for detecting the onset and progression of degenerative or other diseases (such as keratoconus).