Nearing a Treatment for Farsightedness

October 6, 2020

Dr. Kirill Larin was in the university news for the new grant of $3 million from the National Eye Institute to create a new technology capable of precise noninvasive and depth-resolved quantitative measurements of the lens mechanical properties in a clinical setting. The ability to quantify lens softening in vivo will have a major impact on preclinical and clinical testing, validation and optimization of lens softening procedures.

A multidisciplinary team with expertise in optical coherence tomography and elastography, Brillouin technology, biomechanical modeling, clinical ophthalmic instrumentation and crystalline lens physiology. The team includes Fabrice Manns, University of Miami; Giuliano Scarcelli, University of Maryland; and, Salavat Aglyamov, research assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UH. 


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