Cancer Imaging

The main goal of the project is to enable surgeons to distinguish between normal and cancerous fat tissue in real-time using OCT. Currently, differentiating between Liposarcoma and normal fat tissue especially at the margins require biopsy of the tissue sample which consumes time. OCT can perform in-depth imaging of a tissue and along with image processing techniques, can help in identifying the margins, in real-time.

Cancer-Imaging_A.jpgFig 1:  2D OCT structural image for normal fat. (b) H&E histology section corresponding to (A). White arrow: adipocytic cell shape. Black arrow: adipocyte.

Cancer-Imaging_B.jpgFig 2: 2D OCT structural image for DDLS. (b) H&E histology section corresponding to (a).

From the above two images, it can be seen that dedifferentiated liposarcoma has a distinct appearance with OCT images from normal fat thus enabling a viewer to differentiate between the in real-time.